Patio Enclosures and Design Ideas

Patio Enclosures and Design Ideas. Who would not want to bask in the summer sun, listen to birds in spring, soak in the autumn color and sip tea in a winter wonderland? We want to experience nature at its finest, and at the confines and comfort of our own home. Patio enclosures enables us just to do that -it helps us from the unpleasant insect bites, damp weather and excessive hot sun. From cool breeze in summer to warm air in winter, the variety of patio enclosures in the market answers to every possible requirement of its users. These days, a deck or patio is no longer just an extra room but a new living room that can benefit from a good design as well. Here are some options for your next patio:

Screen Rooms

For those who like the great outdoors without the insect bites, a screen room is the perfect fit for you.

Three Season Room

By integrating screen mesh and rolling screen panels around your deck, it will allow the breeze without hindering your views. To match the screens, you should consider a patio wall decor instead of letting your walls go bare. A wall cover that evokes a natural wall fiber look like Elitis Rafia or this whitewash inspired raffia to supplement the rustic look.

sunroom elitis raffia vinyl wallpaper

Three Season Rooms

A patio enclosure designed for a spring to fall experience, this type of enclosure features a single or double pane glass but meant to be climate-controlled by the user. Usually rooms like this are designed with a fan or heating unit that can help supplement the air circulation or temperature.

Four Season Rooms

If ever you miss that one season, the Elitis Kandy VP can serve as a patio wall art that can give you that eternal spring look.

Four Season Rooms

A versatile choice, this room can be utilized all year round. Double pane insulated glass helps keep the weather out and create a microclimate inside, one that you can fully control. You can also opt for sunroom glass, truly making it to a luxurious living room with a lot of space for some good patio wall ideas.



If you are considering a full day under the sun and clear views of the stars at night, this is the type of room for you. Constructed with glass from wall-to-wall up to the roof, this kind of enclosure makes sure that you experience nature fully while minimizing the potential heat gain and bug invasion. A patio wall art such as Elitis Sunbeams can make your mid-century dreams come true.

But if that is not to your taste panoramic wall covers such as Eldorado Elitis Santorin and Elitis Sauvage is sure to satiate the art connoisseur in you.

Whether you prefer a country chic screen room or a slick urban solarium, you can easily integrate some patio wall decor that reflects the charm of each space. Aside from good patio wall ideas such as a good patio wall art, you can also play the furniture and décor that will elevate the whole design experience.


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