Planning a Backyard Wedding and Reception

Backyard weddings are wonderfully romantic and can be incredibly cost effective. You have made a great choice and are probably wondering how to plan a backyard wedding? There are so many aspects to consider, from planning the ceremony itself to planning the wedding reception setup, including outside wedding decorations. With an outdoor wedding checklist in hand and ideas for how you want your dream day to look, it’s time to start planning a backyard wedding.

To make your backyard wedding reception runs as smoothly as possible you need to know how to plan a backyard wedding. This article will offer a few tips to do just that.

Wedding Layout

One of the first things you need to consider is the wedding reception setup. Are you going to have the wedding and reception occur in the same area? If so, where are you going to have your guests waiting while the ceremony area is transformed into the reception area?

One excellent way to make it a quick transition is to use outside wedding tents for the reception. They can be quickly put up and offer shade for your guests. This lets us have a gorgeous sun and natural lighting for your wedding while making sure everyone is comfortable for the reception.

You’ll also need to consider the table setup for wedding reception. Who is going to sit where and how you’re going to fit all of your guests in your backyard? You may want to limit the number of guests that you’re inviting.

Wedding Decorations

The outdoor wedding checklist should certainly include outdoor furniture and outside wedding decorations that are appropriate for the theme of the wedding while still being able to hold up in the outdoor elements. Balloons are always a good decision to have because they can work both inside and outside. You’ll also want to ensure you use decorations that don’t take up a lot of space, so you  still have room for your dance floor and other events.


A backyard wedding is going to be a lot easier with some good organization on hand.


Starting with the ceremony works best for many brides because once you’ve planned the wedding itself, you are left with the fun parts of the wedding, like outdoor wedding decorations! It is a good idea to start by taking note of what time you want your wedding to take place, since lighting is of the utmost importance when planning a backyard wedding. You’ll also want to consider the following:

  1. Ceremony Altar
  2. Ceremony Seating
  3. Sound system (depending on the space and the number of guests)

One of the best aspects of an outdoor backyard wedding is that you have so much freedom with regard to details. The length of the ceremony is entirely open, since no other bridal parties will be waiting for your venue, and most backyards can be completely customizable for the big day!

Cocktail Hour

If you and your sweetie decide to have a cocktail hour, it will allow time to engage in table setup for wedding reception, especially if you’re ceremony space and reception space are in the same location.

Even if you have a separate space allocated for the reception, a cocktail hour allows your guests some time to unwind from the ceremony and get ready to dance the night away, while your bridal party takes pictures and takes a few moments to cherish the moment. When planning your cocktail hour, here are a few details to keep in mind:

  1. Lighting
  2. Seasonal flavors
  3. Complimentary cocktails
  4. Snacks for younger guests and four legged friends
  5. Seating
  6. Games


Aside from your vows, the reception itself is one of the best parts of any wedding. Backyard weddings are delightful options in this arena because outdoor wedding decorations are nearly limitless. Although a backyard often provides the natural splendor of the great outdoors and the intimacy of the home space, outside wedding tents might be worth considering when planning your reception. These tents are not only stylish but also provide a distinct space for the after-wedding celebrations as well as refuge from bad weather, should it decide to strike.

It is also easier to plan table reception for outdoor wedding, if there is that distinct space. Here are a few final elements to consider during your preliminary planning:

  1. Reception Order of Events
  2. Meal Options
  3. Music
  4. Dance Floor Spaces

A reception order of events can make sure that the reception follows according to a designated plan instead of just everyone walking all over the yard doing their own thing. It may be a good idea to have someone act as a sort of guide to announce when the next activity or event begins. With clear direction, the guests will know what to do and when and the reception will run smoothly.

In closing, planning a backyard wedding can be as challenging as planning a wedding anywhere else. It does come with a few benefits, however. You have been through all of your options and decided that a backyard wedding reception and ceremony is the right choice for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

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